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1899 TV Series Review No Spoilers

1899 TV Series Review No Spoilers

  • TV Series Name: 1899
  • Release date: 17 November 2022
  • Directed by: Baran bo Odar
  • Story written by: Jantje Friese
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Danish
  • Season: 1: 8 episodes
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama, Horror, Historical
  • IMDB Rating: 8.4 / 10
  • IMDb votes: 5 thousand 600 (18-09-2022)
  • Run Time: Each episode is 50 minutes

No spoilers—

Dark TV Series has been seen by many people (recommended to those who have not seen it) it is also a master miss TV series.

The creator of the Dark series is Jantje Friese. The Dark series was/is a masterpiece on that level. Dark was a time travel-related series. The whole is filled with confusion. Who’s parents, whose girlfriend goes to the head? My challenge is that 98% of people will not understand the Dark series well at first viewing.

Jantje Friese Where did such complicated thoughts come from this person’s head in 1899 this series is also going to be at that level. This series is also full of confusion. But not as complicated as Dark. At first, I thought somehow, but if you don’t tell me, you won’t get any fun I mean….
It would not be fair to compare 1899 with Dark. It’s different. It’s different.

In fact, as long as this series was going on in 1899, there was no way to move my eyes, brother. All the characters are well-acted. Horror type but not really horror. If you sit down to watch, Halma may feel bored at first, but you will watch it with your heart. Here one episode ends and the story goes deeper.

My mind is just spinning for the 2nd season, let me know what you think in the comments

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