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How to research AdSense approved blog posts?

How to research blog posts to get AdSense approval?

Today’s topic is how to write blog articles and how to research content for blog articles?

New bloggers make many mistakes when writing articles for blogs. Like he directly copy from other blog and paste in his blog. Or, translate various articles and publish them on the blog.

Then their blog doesn’t rank, traffic from Google doesn’t come. Google does not give Adsense approval.

After that they become totally demotivated. Today I am going to give you the solution to this problem through this article.

Now the question is, where do I get content ideas from?

4 Ways to Find Articles for Blogs

You can take the help of social media and blogs to get new article ideas. With which you can make your article a quality article. So let’s know the details.


First, search for your keyword on Google and read the top 10 results carefully.

By reading all this, you will get complete information about keywords. And you will also know which blog has not been written about.

You can write it in your blog and you can improve the quality of your blog article from them.


If your YouTube video has more to say than your competitor or any other blogger doesn’t write the information you got on YouTube. Then you can write it.


You can also search for your keywords on Facebook. Through which you will know who has asked which question and who has answered what.

From here also you can use information to make your blog article a high quality article. But I am not asking to copy exactly here, you have to present many answers here nicely.

Question Answer Forum Site

There are many forum sites like Quora  where you can get questions and answers related to your topic and you can present it better on your blog.

Find new keywords with the help of Google Trends

Google Trends  is a tool from Google that is used to find most trending topics. With Google Trends, you can find topics related to your topic and write articles on them Writing articles on trending topics will rank your blog in Google and drive traffic to your blog.

Read English blogs

As a last resort in this post I will tell you to read English blogs. By reading English blogs, you can get new ideas from big bloggers. If you are not proficient in English, read them in translation. And write what you have learned in Bengali in simple language. You will never succeed in translating and copying and pasting a mix of slang and slang that no user will read.

Many people make various mistakes in writing SEO friendly blog posts. As a result the post does not rank. If you want to know the right rules for writing SEO friendly posts, read this: – 12 Rules for Writing SEO Friendly Posts


Not everyone is experienced in all topics, so research is required before writing your own articles on all topics. By following the rules above, you can write informative articles for your blog that Google likes. If you like the post, share it with your blogger friends. If you think something else should be added to this post, please comment it.

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