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Canva Premium Invitation for 1 month for free

Howdy Everyone,

A graphic designer who has never heard of Canva can never be. Canva is the first choice tool for graphic designers. But to use this tool you have to pay a fixed amount every month.

But those who are beginners have to face problems because they don’t have much money. It has been seen that many mod apps are from Google, almost all of which contain viruses. And without your knowledge, data is stolen from the device.

Canva Premium Invitation
Canva Premium Invitation

Canva Pro Premium Team Features

Its other features ➡

  • Unlimited downloads: Download Unlimited at no cost.
  • Canva design tool: You can use Canva very easily even if you have no idea about design.
  • High-quality stock photos: 60 million royalty free images for your designs.
  • Font collection: 1,000 custom fonts, which will help you present your text beautifully.
  • Custom design elements: You can design by uploading your own fonts, logos, graphic elements, images.
  • Brand kit: Everyone can design together by creating a team.
  • Publishing assistant: You can directly publish your design on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc site.
  • Background removal: You can easily remove the background of the image.
  • Animation: There is no alternative to canva to create animation text.
Canva Premium Invitation
Canva Premium Invitation
How to join the Canva Team Instruction

1. First click on this Invitation Link

2. Sign up with any of your Email/Gmail. If you don’t already have a Canva account and if you already have a Canva account. But log in with that Gmail/Email

Canva Premium Invitation
Canva Premium Invitation

3. Diameter will become Canva Pro Activator

Canva Premium Invitation
Canva Premium Invitation

4. You can enjoy Canva Premium Features till May 24, 2023.


Canva Premium is shared every month. Among you, one thing to note is that you must open an account with Temp Mail. Because at the end of the month I generate a new team, the old company blocks the account for payment.

And if you have any font request for upload in Canva (max-20 hours)

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