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How to Change Windows 10 Default Browser

How to Change Windows 10 Default Browser

Microsoft has adopted a new strategy to force users to use Internet Explorer software prior to their Internet browser Edge, which we know of those who use Windows 10 or later operating systems.

There are many types of Internet browsers today. And the specialty of one is also different. Which is why one of us prefers an internet browser. So for browsing the internet we use the internet browser of our choice.

We could use any browser of our choice by default in earlier versions of the Windows 10 operating system. But because of Microsoft’s new strategy, we can no longer use our preferred browser by default. Microsoft has adopted the strategy of setting the Edge browser as the default browser in later versions of their operating system Windows 10. So that the users of their browser increase.

Change the default browser for Windows 10
Change Windows 10 Default Browser








This way, if we want to browse any link on the Internet on our computer, it will automatically or automatically open in Microsoft’s Edge browser. Many people do not like this Edge browser. Prefer to use any other browser like UC Browser, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Now if you want to browse the computer of your choice automatically or automatically after clicking on any link on the internet in your computer, that is, if you want to set the browser of your choice as the default browser of the computer, then we will know how to do it through our post today.

Today’s topic is basically based on Windows 10 operating system. That is, how to set the default browser of your choice on Windows 10 operating system. To do this, first click on the Start button on your computer and then click on the Settings button. Then click on System option.Change the default browser for Windows 10


Then click on the Default apps option on the left side. Then scroll down with the mouse cursor to the right. Now go to Web Browser section and stop. Here’s how to set Microsoft Edge as the default Internet browser on your computer.








Now, since we will be setting up another browser in place of Microsoft’s browser, clicking on this browser will allow us to see the other browsers installed on our computer. And from here we will click or select the browser of our choice. For example, I will select browser like Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome.

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