FIFA released the latest rankings before the World Cup

FIFA released the latest rankings before the World Cup

A few more rating points have been added to Brazil’s name in the FIFA rankings as they continue their winning streak in two friendly matches. This made their top position even stronger than before.

After beating Ghana 3-0 a few days ago, Brazil won 5-1 against Tunisia. As a result, the Selecao are able to strengthen their position at the top.

On the other hand, the rating points of the third team Argentina have also increased. Last month they won both matches against Honduras and Jamaica by 3-0 margins. FIFA published the rankings for the last time on Thursday before the World Cup in Qatar, which starts on November 20.

There is no change in the top five rankings. Belgium is between Brazil and Argentina. During this time they have won and lost one each in two UEFA Nations League matches.

France and England also did not fare well last month. Still, the two teams have retained the fourth and fifth place respectively.

Italy moved up to sixth place. And Spain dropped to seventh place to give up their place. There are no further changes in the top ten. In the next three places are the Netherlands, Portugal and Denmark respectively.

There is no change in the position of Bangladesh in the ranking. Last month’s 1-0 win against Cambodia raised hopes of improvement, but they lost 3-1 against Nepal in the next match. As a result Bangladesh team is at number 192 as before.

Source: Sportszone24

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