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The Gangster New Orleans Fighting Android Games

Gangster New Orleans Fighting

The best Gangstar New Orleans Fighting Games for Android
The best Gangstar New Orleans Fighting Games for Android






  •  Game Name : Gangstar New Orleans
  • Game Developer : Gameloft
  • Game Size : 1 GB
  • Required OS : 4.1+
  • Game Type : Online
  • Game Link : Playstore
  • Game Released Date : March 29,2017

For those who love GTA type games, this game and the next game will be suggested.

The Gangster New Orleans Fighting game has been downloaded more than 1 crore times on play store and the game has 7 lakh 79 thousand+ reviews and according to those reviews the game has a rating of 4.1 ★.

This game is hated a lot. I don’t see why. After playing this game, my view on this game has changed. Because this game doesn’t deserve to be hated the way it is being hated.

Because the Graphics + Controls + Gameplay of this game deserve praise. Since the game is online, many may have problems. But nowadays most of the games are online games. And the cost of data is very cheap now.

And a little while ago I said that Gameloft has become a bad company? In fact, this issue has also affected many of Gameloft’s games on the Play Store, including this game. So people don’t like these games anymore.

This game was released after the release of Gangster Vegas game. People play Gangster Vegas game and expect a lot from this game.

But people started hating this game because it didn’t come close to that game. But if you look at the game from another perspective, this game is really worth appreciating.

Its graphics are pretty good at least for me. Due to open world, you will get a lot of Cars, Helicopters, Weapons, Bikes, Locations etc.

There is also a story mode here. But it is definitely not of epic level like the next game Gangster Vegas.

But this game is definitely worth playing. And it will be good to play.

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