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Get Camstellar Gcam’s awesome config file

Get Camstellar Gcam’s awesome config file
How are you all I am back with a new post on 2intech.
Finally, the wait is over!
About 50+ people have messaged me and commented, “Brother, where is the configuration?”
I appeared with the configuration for them this morning!
Let’s see
How to setup config First of all open file manager on your mobile. There you will see a folder named “Gcam”.
Get Camstellar Gcam's awesome config file
Get Camstellar Gcam’s awesome config file

Inside that folder, create a new folder named “Configs7”.

If you make a spelling mistake, you should write exactly this text

Get <yoastmark class=

Paste the config I gave in that folder

Then open camstellar

After that, tap twice on the marked place in the picture!

Then select the config given by me

Get <yoastmark class=

And click on “Restore”.

Now, take photos safely in night mode!

Config Download Link

Unzip Password : trickbdsaimum

“Unfortunately, my photos were somehow deleted so I couldn’t show anything like an example, but you will get many examples on Telegram today.”

Later I will share more configuration of this camera and also share how to take interesting pictures.

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