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iPhone 14 is available at the lowest price

Many people think that Europe is the biggest mobile market. But that is not the case at all. China has been the largest mobile market in the world for a long time. Therefore, all smartphone brands give special importance to the Chinese market. This time, Apple is giving the biggest discount to strengthen its position in the Chinese market.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

Although the Chinese market is the largest, it also sees the most competition among smartphone brands. In addition to big smartphone brands like Samsung or iPhone, China has its own famous brands. For example: Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus etc.

Chinese brands regularly bring smartphones with very good features at very low prices. Therefore, in order to compete with them, even the most expensive phones have to reduce the price to retain the attraction of the buyers. That is, buyers have numerous options in the Chinese market. So the Chinese market is very different from the US or Europe.

That’s why Apple has to think separately for the Chinese market regularly. In order to attract buyers back, they are offering huge discounts in the Chinese market. Earlier also they gave big discount on iPhone 14. According to various reports, this time they are bringing this discount even bigger for the latest iPhone series.

iPhone 14 smartphone has been given a discount of 174 dollars. Just a few months ago, Apple released the iPhone 14 series. As a result, such a big discount for this latest device is quite surprising. When the iPhone 14 was first released in the Chinese market, it was priced at 5,999 yuan, or about $873. But currently the device is available at a record low price.

Bangladesh Price of Iphone 14


6GB+128GB- 1,46,999 Taka

6GB+256GB- 1,65,299 Taka


6GB+128GB- 91,000 Taka (e-SIM, USA, Inactive)
6GB+128GB- 1,01,000 Taka (e-SIM, Inactive)
6GB+128GB- 1,02,000 Taka (Dual SIM, Inactive)
6GB+128GB- 1,12,000 Taka
6GB+256GB- 1,00,000 Taka (e-SIM, USA, Inactive)
6GB+256GB- 1,14,000 Taka (e-SIM, Inactive)
6GB+256GB- 1,28,000 Taka
6GB+512GB- 1,07,000 Taka (e-SIM, USA, Inactive)

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