Mbappe wants to win the Champions League for PSG

Mbappe wants to win the Champions League for PSG

When asked who is PSG’s biggest star, many will say Lionel Messi’s name. But the reality is, PSG’s thoughts revolve around Kylian Mbappe, not Messi. So much so that there are rumors that Messi may leave PSG at the end of the season,

one of the reasons being that he is not paid the same as Mbappe. As much as PSG is thinking about the son of the house, does Mbappe think as much?

In an interview recently given to the French TV channel France Three, Mbappe told how much he thought about PSG. According to a report by Spanish sports portal Marca on Wednesday (April 12) based on part of that interview, Mbappe’s future plans include PSG. In particular, he wants the French club to win the Champions League title.

Mbappe said, ‘If I have to talk about the next thought, then I will say about winning the Champions League. I have already played the final. Semi-finals, quarter-finals, last sixteen — played it all. I did everything except win the final. I need the title now. Hopefully, I can win it very soon.’

Every time the end of the season approaches, Mbappé is the talk of the transfer market. He will leave PSG, move to Real Madrid; Such words float in the air regularly. So when Mbappé talks about winning the Champions League, naturally, curiosity arises, for whom he wants to win!

Mbappe himself made this clear. The French star said, ‘Of course in PSG. I am a Parisian and here I am contracted. So, I want to win the Champions League for PSG.

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