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Mobile hang causes and solutions

Mobile hang causes and solutions

The popularity of Android operating System is currently in turn. But sometimes we suffer from some problems using this favorite Android mobile. One of those predominance problems is the mobile haanng.

We can get rid of it if some methods are applied. Let’s know before why our mobile hangs.

The reason for mobile hangs
1. The main reason for Android mobile hangs has been found is its mobile space. That is, when you use a lot of shoot amplification at the same time, there can be a mobile hang if memory is less than ( RAM ).

2. If we have memory card (Memory card /External Memory ) in phone memory instead of phone memory ( Internal Memory/ROM ) Apply Install (Install ) in the tidal volume, but the phone hang on the deficit of Rome ( ROM ).

3. If cookies, caches, log files. Not cleaned. However, these are memory jams and mobile hangs। Ron stands.

4. Heavy appliances, mobile hangs when playing games, compared to mobile memory.

1. Try to do something install (Install ) To make the Intel ( on the memory card. That is, keeping phone memory as empty as possible.

2. The app that does not use the shots is uninstall (Uninstall ).

3. Memory of your mobile (RAM ) If there is less, never run heavy appliances.

4. Keep in mind if there are many applications going at the same time.

5. Can use memory ( RAM ) to keep blank “ Advanced task killer ”, “ ECASY task killer ”.

What is taxable when the mobile hangs:

Human dependence on mobile phones has increased so much that no one can think of crossing one day without this device now. If the mobile phone doesn’t work properly for a while, many of them get impatient. To use mobile phones continuously it can never become ‘ Hang ’ or obsolete.

Mobile phones usually begin to be ‘ Hang ’ if different applications, games and video memory phones occupy many places on the phone.

Google’s new Android software, the Marcelo-powered phone users can easily see how many places they have in memory and RAM of their Android phone. If the phone hangs,

what you can do to remove:

1. Go to the phone setting option and see how many memory is from there. Check out how many memoirs video, pictures and apps have occupied.

2. Select the option of using memory from the app option. Details of exactly how many places the apps have taken on the phone or SD card can be known.

3. If an app becomes unnecessary, it can uninstall. In addition, if the memory of deleting unnecessary pictures or videos is emptied, the phone’s ‘ Hang ’ problem will be eliminated.

What is taxable if the mobile hangs:

Electronic devices do not usually serve like new when they are older. This is more applicable to mobiles In this case, what you can do is-

1. Many times the phone hangs if there is a problem with the memory card. So take off the memory card and use the phone.

2. Remove photos, music, videos, wallpapers, e-books from your mother to photo, memory card.

3. Take the sms backup using Nokia PC Suite. Then defile additional massages from the phone. Your mother will be a little empty in it.

4. Use the common and light Theme. If Theme is heavy, the function of the mobile is likely to slow.

5. If you have an app install, do it on the memory card without installing it on the phone memory.

6. Remove unnecessary app. If not work then see Firmware re-install using Nokia PC Suite. Thanks.

What is taxable when the mobile hangs:

If the sad mobile phone hangs, it will be mobile’s anger. Mobile RAM or Rendom Access memory is usually a mobile hang if it becomes a flower or the place is reduced.
Tachara can also be a mobile hang on mobile to carry a nana error of the Third Party Aps.

If the mobile hangs, hold the watery home button and fear. Clear all apps list from the restaurant. Go to the setting of Android phones and go to Apps. Go to running apps from there and stop all unnecessary running apps. And if it is that the mobile is not doing any more reservations after the hang, leave the mobile for a while.

Do not touch unnecessarily on the display. Then there will be a worse situation. Touch 2 minutes after the hang and see if it’s working. If you don’t, open the battery and turn it back.

Some more tips for mobile so that you don’t hang:

★ Do not install any unnecessary apps on mobile.

★ Smart phones do not require more antivirus. So it is better not to install antivirus. It occupies more of the phone’s RAM.

★ Use good quality RAM cleaner on mobile. But it should be noted that it does not waste the meteorite.

★ RAM’s subject with other features while buying a mobile must also be noted. It is better not to buy any mobile below 1 GB RAM.

★ Need to be spirranged when closing any app।Close the home button press and will continue in the background. So it takes more time but close from the option.

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