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Modern Warfare 2 trailer features revealed

Modern Warfare 2 trailer features revealed

Activision has released a Modern Warfare 2 trailer that matches the PC features of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2. This game will be released on October 28 This game is not to be confused with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

It is expected for a AAA PC release in 2022. Among the snippets of gameplay, the trailer promises features like 4k graphics and ultrawide support. The first one, well, sure. But ultrawide isn’t always a given, which Activision has done very well.

The second big highlight of the trailer is “Ricochet Anti-Cheat”. Ricochet has been used in Warzone and Vanguard for the past year and has been working quite well. A quick perusal of the Warzone subreddit shows some players sporadically complaining about its implementation.

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The trailer ends by highlighting “over 500+ customization options”. Moving on to Next Shots in MW2’s graphics menus, there are options like custom frame rate limits and targets, image reconstruction technologies like FidelityFX, and separate FOV sliders for vehicle, third-person, and first-person modes. It also has excellent visuals and graphics.

Modern Warfare 2 also has minimal system specs: only playable on a GTX 960 and a 10th Generation i5-357 processor. The game is expected to be around 200GB due to previous Warzone configurations.

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