Learn to take care of your teeth easily

take care of your teeth

Today I am going to talk to you about cleaning teeth and take care of your teeth of them. I hope everyone will read carefully and comment if you like it.

Ways to take care of teeth: –

1. The most important thing we need to pay attention to in dental care and to protect our teeth from decay and damage is to brush our teeth twice a day. If you brush in the morning and at night, dirt will not accumulate in the teeth. As a result, the teeth are very beautiful.

However, you must remember that some foods stick to the teeth after eating. If these are stuck in the teeth for a long time, they can cause bad smell. So after every meal, you have to take out the food that sticks to your teeth.

2. Don’t eat too much sweet and sour food. Many of us are accustomed to eating sweets and pickles. But eating extra sweet and sour is not beneficial for teeth. This can lead to a continuous decrease in the strength of the teeth. So we have to give up eating extra sweet and sour.

3. The brush we use to brush our teeth should not be too hard. Excessive stiffness can cause tooth decay. As a result, blood may fall from the base of the teeth. It is not good for teeth at all. It is best to use a medium type of brush.

4. We bought a brush and ran it for many days. This is a bad habit. We should change the used brush every at least two months.

5. Don’t eat extra cold things. If you have to take care of your teeth, then the thing that should be done is not to eat extra cold things like ice cream, soft drinks, cold coffee etc. regularly. We have to be careful about this.

6. Children should be kept away from chocolate and all such foods to prevent tooth decay.

7. Many times we have blood from the base of the teeth. This is never a good sign for teeth. So if there is bleeding from the teeth, we need to talk to the local dentists. The advice they give should be followed.

8. You can use lemon juice and a little salt as a paste to whiten your teeth. Apply lemon juice and salt well on the brush and soak it with water. Then brush. This can make your teeth white.

So that was all I had today. Thanks everyone.

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