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The best call recorder app for mobile is free

I hope everyone is well, and with your prayers I am also well.
Today I came again with a new tip
I am among you.

If you have already tried to record calls using other applications to record calls and did not get satisfactory results. Then try Call Recorder – Cube ACR. It works best.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR allows you to easily record your incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIP conversations. The main part? It’s free!

how to download,

Download directly from here

Tap on ‘Settings’ to enable ‘Install apps from unknown sources’ Tick the checkbox, and tap ‘OK’. Enable the toggle for ‘Allow from this source’. Go back to the previous page and tap on ‘Install’.

Please follow the Сube ACR Helper setup instructions and grant all permissions requested by the app. So that the app works properly.

When you ‘Enable App Connector’-

Go to , then tap on ‘Downloaded Apps’ or ‘Installed Services’ in the opening menu, then set ‘Use Cube ACR App Connector’ to ‘On’.

Tick the checkbox to grant this permission, then tap OK

Note: If your device is running on Android 13, in the previous step, a ‘Restricted settings’ consent popup may have appeared.

Tap OK on it, then open your device Settings → Apps → Cube ACR Helper. In the top panel

Tap Menu Tap on ‘Allow restricted settings’, then tap on ‘OK’.

Depending on the device model, this option may also be located in the app’s info menu as you scroll down.
Please make sure to find and enable the ‘Allow restricted settings’ option.

Later, you will be able to enable Cube ACR App Connector as described above.

After configuring Cube ACR Helper on your device,
You will be able to use your Cube ACR app,
Record calls as you normally would;
Access, manage and share existing recordings and enjoy all other useful features of the app.

Hope you continue to use and enjoy Cube ACR!
If you don’t understand, ask 10 times. I will try to give a solution. I don’t bother writing tunes, so why hesitate to reply.!!

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