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How to understand the best smartphone camera is good

How to understand the best smartphone camera is good

Finding the right phone among various types of phones has become a very difficult task these days. On top of that, especially in the camera, you cannot understand exactly which camera you need from so many terms. Below is a discussion about the important specification terms of a smartphone camera.

Mega Pixel

The more the better! Do you think so? Then wrong Most of our people cherish this idea. But this idea is completely wrong. See a pixel is a small square. Zooming in on a photo gives us pixels. A photo is made up of many such pixels. More pixels will only come in handy when you view the photo on a larger display/monitor.

Or go for large scale printing. Still it is said that 6 megapixels is more than enough. You will see that except for the iPhone 14, all the other phones have a camera resolution of 12 megapixels. And we know how the iPhone camera is.


The camera sensor is the most important part of a camera. Image quality depends a lot on the camera sensor. The better the camera sensor, the clearer the image will be. Night photos will be better if the sensor is bigger. Now here’s how you understand where the sensor is being talked about. See below, here I have given a camera specification of iPhone 14.

“48 MP, f/1.8, 24mm (wide), 1/1.28″, 1.22µm, dual pixel PDAF, sensor-shift OIS”

Here 1/1.28 refers to the sensor size. To understand large sensors, remember that the smaller the decimal number after the 1 division (/), the larger the sensor size. Again, 1.22µm on the sensor side means how small the size of a pixel is. The shorter the better.


In some photos, you will see that the subject is clear and the background is blurred. It is basically a function of aperture. In DSLR cameras, the aperture can be controlled by rotating the lens so that distant objects can be focused.

But since there is no such facility in the phone, aperture control is not possible for the phone. But still much can be done with what is given. f/1.8 It basically refers to aperture. The smaller the decimal number like the sensor after f/ the better.


Also check if OIS is included with the specification. OIS is a technology that comes in handy for video stabilization. For example, there is a lot of hand shaking during video recording, which OIS helps to remove. Also some photos are blurry due to shaking hands while taking photos which are off.

The above considerations should hopefully be enough for a best smartphone camera.

So this was a post on how to find a good camera. Let me know how you liked the post.

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