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What to do about Google’s spam updates

What to do about Google’s spam updates. I hope all of you are well dear 2intech. I am also well by the grace of Allah and your prayers.

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What to do on our website in Google’s spam update?

In 2022, Google search console has been updated several times. It has updated helpful content a few days ago. Now it has updated spam again in the month of October. Although the update ended yesterday.

But the condition of many sites has become very bad. Some sites are completely down. Where they used to have 100 to 1000 unique traffic from Google every day, there is currently 10 to 500 traffic.

Who is Google catching in this update? Google is kicking those who have done black hate SEO. Google is updating itself again and again for the benefit of everyone. But this update also happened to those who do not have black hate SEO on their site. In this case, I would say wait patiently. Because by the end of October if the site is fine. But it will be like before.

However, those who are backlinking from sites with high spam score or profile backlinking may have their site down due to the update. However, I hope to be back to normal at the end of the month, i.e. in November. I did not write much today. I bid farewell here. Blogging with pleasure. Do. And comment any info about the update.

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