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WhatsApp is bringing lock conversion facility

WhatsApp is bringing lock conversion facility. The current world is the world of technology, everything in the hands of technology. In order to hang out with everyone who is friend-friendly before, face-to-do and hang out, but everyone can be contacted by sitting in any place for the welfare of social media

The young generation is currently using WhatsApp for social media. It is easy to contact people familiar with friends friendly. again in some cases business activities are also done with WhatsApp nowadays.

But it is seen that all the names of the ones who are chatted with are seen when the WhatsApp is introduced.

Which allows anyone other than the phone’s user to turn on the phone and open the WhatsApp.

Which has blocked users’ personal privacy, WhatsApp “ Lock Convergence ” facility is going to launch to solve this problem. When it comes on, one or more people can lock in the inbox you want to talk to your loved ones when you talk to it. Just with the impression of your finger it will be possible to open this lock, no one else will try thousands.

This will reduce the risk of personal security. And everything will be a ruin. No third person can easily take its access without your permission. WhatsApp will launch this lock conversion facility with Android’s Letest Updated Version experimentally. It is known that the lock conversion feature will be opened to all WhatsApp users this year.

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