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Learn about Windows CMD PowerShell and Terminal

Windows CMD PowerShell and Terminal

We who are Windows operating system users are generally familiar with a command prompt for issuing various commands. Which is well known as CMD. This command option has been around since the very beginning of the Windows operating system. But Windows now comes with two more command options besides CMD.

One of which is PowerShell and another is Terminal command option. PowerShell started with Windows XP and Terminal debuted with Windows 10. So let’s know about them in detail from below.

Command Prompt or CMD:

Command Prompt or CMD was originally known as It was released in Windows operating system versions 95 and 98. Most of us Windows users know this command-line tool as MS-DOS. Because, it was mainly used to execute DOS commands as DIR command. It was also used to run internet speed tests.

Microsoft later introduced Command Prompt in Windows New Technologies (NT). Now this CMD is used to perform various advanced administrative functions. It is also used to troubleshoot various types of Windows problems by running scripts and batch files.

Let's learn about Windows CMD, PowerShell and Terminal.
Windows CMD PowerShell and Terminal

Windows PowerShell:

Windows PowerShell was introduced in Windows XP operating system in 2006. With it, you can do anything you can do in Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell. However, PowerShell is a command shell and scripting language designed to perform various system administration tasks.

Let's learn about Windows CMD, PowerShell and Terminal.
Windows CMD PowerShell and Terminal

Windows Terminal:

Along with the previous two command options, a new command option called Windows Terminal has been introduced. It is quite different from the first two. Because it is an open source system that works through GitHub. In Windows Terminal you can run commands from Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, Linux as well as WSL.
Windows Terminal can be used on Windows 10 operating system as well as on the latest Windows 11 operating system. which is installed with the system. You can even download it from the Microsoft Store.

Use one of the three command options:

The latest Windows operating system now has three types of command options. Which we know from above discussion. Now you can probably tell which one I should use. I will tell you what you want. But since the terminal is the latest. I would suggest to use it. Because with it you can use more advanced level commands including CSD and PowerShell.

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